The object contains 3 columns that are currently used for improving readability of the downloaded dataset: fullname, abbr_eng, and fullname_eng



The data contains a data.frame with ca. 20 elements described in three ways:

  • fullname original column names as downloaded from the repository

  • abbr_eng shorten column names with abbreviations derived from the most popular scheme used for meteorological parameters

  • fullname_eng detailed description of downloaded meteorological variables

The object is created mostly to be used altogether with the hydro_shortening() function


data(hydro_abbrev) head(hydro_abbrev)
#> fullname abbr_eng fullname_eng #> 1 Kod stacji id ID #> 2 Dzien dd Day #> 3 Miesiac kalendarzowy mm Month #> 4 Nazwa rzeki/jeziora riv_or_lake River_or_Lake #> 5 Nazwa stacji station Station #> 6 Przeplyw [m^3/s] Q Flow [m3_s]